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The board’s role is to provide practical assistance and to ensure everything is in place to allow everyone within and associated to the organisation to work together to uphold the organisation’s objectives. There are currently six members who meet at the Playground every six weeks. 

This Board’s over-arching responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure that all the activities of the organisation uphold its objectives, whether they contribute directly or indirectly to their realisation.
  • Ensure the play workers have the resources, time and support they need to uphold objectives on site.
  • As far as possible uphold decisions made by children as presented to them both directly on site or by play workers in board meetings.
  • Provide oversight to ensure the organisation acts in accordance with the articles of association, and within the provision of the law
  • Update and uphold the policies and procedures of the organisation, ensuring they both consistent with the objectives and meet all necessary regulatory frame-works
  • Safe-guard the organisation’s future, making sure everything is in place to enable organisation to uphold its objectives in the long term. 

The current members of the board are: 

John Cleary: Treasurer
John is a Charted Accountant and a partner in a small practice based in Glasgow, he also acts as director and treasurer of Play Scotland.

Amica Dall: Play Work Mentor
Amica is a director of Assemble and a trustee of the Cook Club.

Frances Edgerley
Fran is a designer and a director of Assemble.