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Children's bikes and cars lined up.

The Site

The site is in Dalmarnock, on Baltic Street. It is constantly changing, and there are usually a range of tyre swings, tree houses, balancing lines, tunnels and a large climbing frame. There is big collection of loose parts, including ropes, crash-mats, tunnels, nets and balls. There is also a water feature, a large sand pit, a fruit and vegetable garden, two campfires and an outdoor food preparation area, alongside many dens and hide-outs. On the far side of the site, there are two large storage containers which hold a number of adult and child sized tools for construction projects. Also on the far side you can find where all of our animals are housed.

The playground has some indoor space, including toilets, a kitchen and office space for the staff. At the front of the playground you will see the container which holds our food hub.

Our Story

Baltic Street Adventure Playground is a young organisation, which was set up in 2013 by the art and architecture collective Assemble, and arts organisation Create, as a temporary and direct response to the lack of play space and out of school provision for community of children and families in Dalmarnock.

Local demand and the impact the project was able to have on children’s day-to-day lives lead to a small management committee being formed from the temporary project team and existing volunteers, and, with on-going input from the children, work begun to make the project permanent.

The Community Interest Company which was established has a board of six, a staff team of four and a community of some 250 children . The organisation was developed using an incremental and responsive approach, which thoroughly involved the children every step of the way, from the development of the site to the appointment of the playworkers.

Throughout this process, the organisation has invested in relationships with families and neighbours. The collaborative culture and community spirit which has grown out of this has an enormous embedded value and is increasingly resilient. It has the potential to be an active and critical part of the area’s future growth for many years to come.

The original project, including a package of capital works was funded as a  VELOCITY  project by a consortium of  Glasgow City Council,   Clyde Gateway Development Corporation  and  Creative Scotland. 

It was conceived and delivered by  Assemble,  in collaboration with  Create

What to expect

What is it like?

Baltic Street Adventure Playground is supervised adventure playground for children from 6 to 12 years. Younger children are welcome with a carer or guardian. It is free to enter, children are free to come and go, and free to play as they choose.

We ask that all new children register. Baltic Street is child-led. The children choose what to do and can get involved in everything from the day-to-day management to development of the site. Specially trained playworkers keep children safe, and support them to pursue their own play, from make-belive to construction projects.


We recommend bringing clothes that are OK to get mucky in, including wellies, waterproofs and, in case of cold weather, hat, gloves and extra layers. We have waterproofs and wellies on site which are available to borrow if need be.


We prepare food on site everyday. Children with allergies and sensitivities can let us know using the registration form. The on-site team are happy to talk about individual children's specific needs in more detail, so please just drop in, or call.

Where are we?

We are located at 421 Baltic Street, Glasgow, G40 3EU.

The nearest train station is Dalmarnock.

First Buses 89, 90, 46, 65 and 263, SimpliCITY 18 and CG1 all stop near the playground.

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