Here at baltic street we believe in looking after animals as a great method for children to learn compassion, care and responsibility. All our animals are very friendly and we encourage the children and young people to aid in their care, including regular handling, feeding and of course, cleaning out their enclosures! Have a look below to see what animals we have and find out a bit more about them!

We ask that you do not feed any of the animals without first asking a staff member for permission.

Pepper the chicken

The Birds

We currently have three chickens and six ducks on the playground. They are free to roam during opening hours so you may find them having a dust bath underneath a swing or looking for worms in a den! 

The chickens are: Salt, Pepper and Fire

The ducks are: Hughey, Louie, Dewey, Daffy, Daisy and Donald.

The fluffy ones

We now have 6 guinea pigs, 6 rabbits and a dwarf hamster! They all have their own large outdoor enclosures (apart from Tiny the hamster, they live in the Wikihouse!). Children are welcome to go in the enclosures and spend some time with them however they must be supervised by a member of staff. 

The guinea pigs are: Rosie, Steve, Puff, Pastry, Rocket and Groot.

The rabbits are: Dani, Sandi, Bugs, Buddy, Jumpy and Dexter.

The hamster is: Tiny.





Vito the turtle


We have 2 musk turtles at the playground. They live in the Wikihouse and are available for children to look at with staff permission. The turtles can be handled but must only be handled by staff as they can nip sometimes and their shells can carry salmonella. 

The turtles are: Vito Corleone and John Gotti.

Dogs of Baltic Street

Although we don't allow visitors to bring their dogs on to the playground, staff members do bring their own dogs every now and again. Our resident dog pictured here is George. He belongs to Laura, one of our playworkers. He has grown up from a puppy in the playground and is very well behaved with all children. He does get muzzled when the playground is open just for extra safety (and also to stop him eating everything) however he loves to play and anyone who throws a stick for him will be his new best friend. As with all of our animals, you must ask permission before giving George any treats. Laura will often have a bag of biscuits with her that George is allowed.

George the dog