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Staff Training Opportunities

Baltic Street Adventure Playground is a child-led play space in the East End of Glasgow that has been serving children and families since 2013. Our staff are experts in working with children outdoors in empowering ways. These training packages come from years of experience and will enable your staff to have a more adventurous outlook on their role giving them the agency to become advocates for change within their setting and the outdoors.

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Early Years Training Portfolio

Risky Play

Learning outcomes

  • Staff will become aware of the wider policy discussions around risky play.

  • Staff will explore the benefits of risky play.

  • Staff will learn how to identify Risky play

  • Staff will learn how to facilitate risky play.

  • Staff will learn how to risk assess risky play

Introduction to using Local Greenspace

Learning Outcomes

  • Staff will cover the basics of delivering outdoors in a local greenspace 

  • Staff will look at the Risks and Hazards of this and how to manage these with children’s involvement including weather and boundaries.

  • The paperwork of getting outside.

  • Working with tarps, shelters, and equipment you might need.

Building a Play Space for Early Years

Learning Outcomes

  • Staff will look at what different types of play spaces offer and how they meet the needs of children

  • Staff will learn how to effectively risk assess a play space

  • Staff will learn how to use basic tools safely (saws, hammers and drills)

  • Staff will learn how to build a basic semi-permanent structure for use of children in play

  • Staff will gain an understanding of the play types and how to support them

Fire Learning


  • Staff will learn the basics of starting and maintaining campfires safely with children aged 3-5.

  • Staff will learn the benefits of working with fire and how this relates to curriculum for excellence

  • Staff will explore cooking on a campfire and the benefits this has for children

Child Centred Play Pedagogy

Learning Outcomes

  • Staff will learn the benefits of a child centred approach.

  • Staff will learn how to place children’s autonomy at the heart of their practice. Staff will look at current child centred practice in planning and documentation.

  • Staff will reflect on their own practice and practice in their nursery to find ways becoming more child centred to bring back to their setting.

Our training can either be delivered at Baltic Street or in your setting with either half day (£250) or full day (£500) sessions available. 

If you are interested in booking please give us a call as we like to make our training as bespoke to your needs as possible.

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