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Baltic Street Adventure Playground

Child led adventure playground in Dalmarnock, Glasgow.


13:00pm (12-1pm for elderly and those with mobility issues)

Term Time

Tuesday - Friday:

15:00PM - 18:00PM
11:00am - 17:00pm 

School Holidays
Tuesday - Saturday
11:00am - 17:00pm
See school holidays page for more info!


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Adventure play is about exploring, trying new things and using your environment for play. How can you use your surroundings to build a den? Or can you great a new game with only the objects near by? 

Risky play is playing in situations which come with risk, such as climbing a tree or using tools. It is about children learning how to manage those risks so that they can play safely without adult intervention.

welcome to baltic street

A child wearing an orange wooly had and a red waterproof jacket is swinging on a tyre swing

What is Adventure Play?

Two young boys are looking at a bowl of fruit which is surrounded by bottles of water and juice.

The food hub is currently in operation every Saturday from 1pm. The food hub can be accessed via the side gate of the playground. Staff have the right to refuse service to anyone not observing the rules in place.

Get Involved

Want to find out more? Keen to volunteer? Get in touch with any ideas or possibilities for involvement to our general email address. info@balticstreetadventureplay,


Baltic Street Summer 2019
Baltic Street Summer 2018
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