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Our Mission

Baltic Street Adventure Playground sets out to:

  1. Run a regularly and consistently available space, where children can claim their right to play freely, without external pressure, undue adult direction or fear for their own safety.

  2. Run a service from that site where, for a minimum of five sessions a week children are free to come and go as they choose, and all hidden barriers to play are actively addressed.

  3. Support children to develop their belief in their capacity to affect change in the world, encouraging independent thought and a sense of shared responsibility for what happens around them.

  4. Sustain an environment which is emotionally and socially nurturing, providing children access to a consistent group of caring adults who are always on the children’s side

  5. Sustain an environment and offer opportunities which are physically nurturing, giving children a better chance of developing healthy, active habits for life.

  6. Give children access to experiences, activities and people that they might not otherwise come across, enriching, deepening and expanding their experience, confidence and sense of future possibility

  7. Support young people throughout their childhood, expanding core provision over the next five years in order to support young people between 0 - 18 years on site, through dedicated sessions.

  8. Continue to build on the network of support locally and across Glasgow, connecting families, groups and children to build resilience and a sense of community.

  9. Develop a robust and capable staff team drawn predominantly from the local area, and invest in making them leaders in their field.

  10. Cement its reputation as a flag-ship urban play project in the UK within 10 years. 

Our full business plan can be read here

Our annual accounts can be viewed here

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