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Early Years

In 2018, Baltic Street Adventure Playground received funding from Inspiring Scotland to work in partnership with local nurseries promoting the outdoors in the East End of Glasgow. From 2018 - 2020 Baltic Street supported 6 local nurseries to develop their practice in working outdoors in local greenspaces in and around the East End as well as hosting family play sessions for children under 5 on the playground and in the parks.

Off the back of this project, Baltic Street is now in the process of setting up our own fully outdoor nursery provision on the playground as well as delivering training to early years settings in best practice for working outdoors.

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"Our families have seen a massive improvement in their children's sleeping pattern. They are sleeping through the night after their visits to Baltic Street. They have increased appetite and appear calmer after venturing outdoors." - Step by Step Nursery.

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"Some children have enjoyed it so much, and talking about it at home, that their parents have been asking more in the nursery about it." - Greentrees Nursery Staff

"Avah and Noah hated mud, water and all things messy, Noah specifically would want his hands washed as soon as there was a speck of dirt. Today Noah was laughing and jumping in a giant muddy puddle saying 'This is so much fun!"." - Lauren, Parkhead Nursery.

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