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Glasgow University Research with Beth

We'd like to welcome our new resident researcher, Beth!

Beth will be working with us at Baltic Street Adventure Playground with the University of Glasgow to understand what is important for people when they access food. Baltic Street is great because of the people who use it, which means you! Beth would love to know about your experiences, opinions and stories.

Beth will be working alongside us at the food hub and other activities and hopes to chat to lots of you about your experiences. If you'd like to get involved, please come say hi to Beth! You can also email her at or give her a call or text on 07541341172.

There is no pressure to take part in the research, and you can also take part and stop at any time if you want to. You can use your real name, fake name (pseudonym) or remain anonymous - whichever you prefer to help maintain confidentiality and your comfort.

As a thank you, Beth would like to gift a £10 Love2Shop voucher, which is a voucher you can use in lots of different shops.

Any and all outputs (like articles) will be made available to access by anyone who takes part and other community members upon request.

If you want to get in contact and have a chat or ask any questions, grab a cuppa with Beth to go over anything!

For more information, there is an information sheet below. If you'd prefer to hear these documents, let Beth know and she can send you an audio file. You can also look at how we use the 'data' (the chats you have) in the document called 'Privacy Notice'

We can't wait to hear from you!

Participant information sheet
Download PDF • 165KB
Privacy Notice
Download PDF • 157KB
Download PDF • 152KB

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