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Our community art project is in full swing! Working with a number of artists, local families and young people are receiving art packs every week to create art and explore their local space.

This week was Bella's turn. She provided participants with sketch books, pencils, crayons and pva glue and the task to go outside and use the environment to create art work inspired by growth. The outcomes have been great to see! Lots of creative thinking and everyone getting outside in all weather to fill their sketchbooks and engage with the environment in ways they might not normally!

The project is funded by Glasgow Connected Arts Network.

We can't wait to see what everyone creates next!

If you live locally to Baltic Street Adventure Playground and would like to take part, please don't hesitate to get in touch to find out how you can get an art pack!

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  • Baltic Street

Introducing Steve!

Steve is 4 years old and despite their name, Steve is not a boy. Steve was gorging themselves on a tasty carrot whilst being interviewed by our playworkers.

"My tufts have never been fluffier since coming to Baltic Street. Laura brushes my tufts on a regular basis and even though I hate it at the time, I feel pretty dashing afterwards and she always gives me a tasty blueberry treat, even if I've been squirming! My best pal is Rosie, who you met last week. We like to hide together under our fresh hay - who'd have thought it, a hiding spot and a tasty meal in one! The best part of the day is when I hear a rustling of a packet and someone drops some crunchy leaves into the enclosure - I always squeak with delight!"

Thank you Steve for your time! Blueberry treats are on their way to you!

Who would you like to hear from next? Is there anything you would like to know about our animals??

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  • Baltic Street

Introducing Rosie!

Rosie is approximately 2 years old although she says you should never ask a lady her age, especially when she's eating! Whilst being interviewed by our playworkers she was happily munching on a salad of parsley, coriander and carrots.

"I love living here. I have great friends who live with me, an endless supply of hay and tasty, crunchy leaves and veg, I get scooped up for cuddles with the human children on a daily basis and I get my hair brushed and looking nice! I love to pose for the camera and I will always be the first to come and say hello to a new human in our enclosure! I don't have a favourite food, anything green! Please come and say hello!"

We love Rosie.

Who would you like to hear from next?

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