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Meet Dani

Over the coming weeks we will be introducing you to each of our animals here at Baltic Street! As you may have gathered, they've been growing in number over lockdown and as you can't physically meet them yet, we'll introduce you to them on here instead through a number of interviews conducted by our playworkers.

First up is Dani, one of our English Spot Rabbits.

Whilst interviewing Dani, he was relaxing in his hutch, munching on some hay and carrots.

Dani says - "I'm 2 years old, which is still young, but I'm not a baby any more. My favourite food is kale, a curly, dark green leaf and it's so tasty! My favourite thing to do is lounge in the window of my hutch watching all the children playing in the garden. Since there haven't been many children recently I've spent more time playing with my brother, Sandi, our favourite game is tig!"

Thank you Dani!

Let us know in the comments below who you would like to meet next and if you have any questions for them!

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